Council Work Session 04/26/10



Workshop called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Chris Capaul


PRESENT: Mayor Capaul, Council Members Taylor, Dodge, Stieve-McPadden and Osborn


STAFF:  Administrator Murphy, City Engineer David Martini, Public Works Jeff Frost and Clerk Maetzold

ALSO PRESENT: Nikki Larson and Ivan Raconteur


1.      CIP REVIEW – Administrator Murphy provided copies of the current Capital Improvement Plan for the City.  The Council was advised to review, ask any questions and bring it back at budget time so it can be updated.


2.      RIDGEWAY ROAD RE: MILFRED DALCHOW – The question of improving Ridgeway Road was discussed.  It is not a City street, but actually just a driveway.  The City Engineer and Administrator will draft a letter advising him of the process to improve the street but let the Council review it before sending.


3.      OLD SCHOOLHOUSE PARK IMPROVEMENTS –The City was approached by a tax payer that they have a concern that the field is dangerous due to the lack of watering and maintenance.  Council Member Stieve-McPadden presented a quote that the taxpayer had solicited for repairs at the OSH Park Baseball field.  The Council asked Administrator Murphy to get additional quotes/opinions on repairs.  The CIP for Parks were reviewed.  Discussion included sending the matter to the Park Board for their input.  Council Member Stieve-McPadden inquired about bonding to complete the Park.  Administrator will investigate referendums. 


4.      PARK USE FEES – The Council decided that now is not the time to impose Park Use Fees.  Look at the matter in the future after improvements are made.


5.      DRAIN TILE ON RIDGE ROAD – A drain tile that goes through the back of several homes along Ridge Road was discussed.  Many years ago the City allowed them to connect to a tile that came from Crest Court to Ridge Road.  That tile was abandoned with the 2007 East Side street project.  This spring the homeowners found that it did not drain anymore.  Further investigation has found it must be plugged.  The Council discussed the obligation the City has to the abandoned tile.  The City Attorney will be contacted and the City Engineer will get quotes to repair.  The matter will be brought back to a Council meeting.


6.      STREET SIGNS – The City Engineer reported that street signs have to be upgraded by 2012.  The City must prepare an inventory of street signs and assess their condition of reflectivity.  The Council will devise a plan at a future Council meeting.


7.      DAKOTA REGIONAL TRAIL – The City Engineer will attend the Dakota Rail Regional Trail Construction meeting next week to discuss the storm sewer line the City would like to install through the trail for future use.


8.      IMPLEMENTATION OF COMP PLAN – Cynthia Smith-Stack of Municipal Development Group, the firm that assisted the City of Mayer with our Comprehensive Plan advised the City that they were to rezone the orderly annexation of the Hartman Fieldstone property within nine months after the Comprehensive Plan was adopted.  Administrator Murphy was asked to investigate the matter further.


9.      ELECTION JUDGE PAY – It was reported that the State of Minnesota has been advertising that election judges for the upcoming Primary and General Election would receive $10 per hour.  Currently the City of Mayer has paid Election Judges $8.50 and Head Judges $9.50.  The rate has not been raised for several elections.  There are funds in the budget to increase the per hour rate.  The matter will be brought back to a Council meeting.



  • It was reported that the resident at 1179 Hidden Creek Blvd has been filling in the easement around a storm water pond.  City Engineer Dave Martini and Administrator Murphy have looked at the work done to date.  If no further fill is added, they feel that the storm water pond will not be affected.  A letter will be sent advising them that no further work is to be done, and that an inspection is required.
  • Council Member Dodge asked for more information on items the Fire Department is working on to be added to the monthly Fire Report.  He would like to see better communication.



There being no further business, the work session ended at 8:40 p.m.                                                




Chris Capaul, Mayor



Attest: ______________________________

            Lois A. Maetzold, City Clerk