Council Meeting 03/08/10



Call Regular meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. by Mayor Chris Capaul


PRESENT: Mayor Capaul, Council Members Dodge, Stieve-McPadden, Osborn and Council Taylor


STAFF:  City Administrator Murphy, Jeff Frost and Clerk Maetzold

ALSO PRESENT:  Don Wachholz, Rod Maetzold, Nikki Larson, Steve McDonald, Jason Roberts and Brian Macki.


The Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.



MOTION made by Council Member Taylor with a second by Council Member Dodge to approve the agenda with the following addition/deletion: Add – Fire Chief Request; Delete – Specialty Reptile Request.  Motion Carried 5/0



The City Council presented outgoing Park Board Commission member Jason Roberts with a Certificate of Appreciation for his four years of service to the community by serving on the Park Board Commission.






A MOTION was made by Council Member Taylor with a second by Council Member Stieve-McPadden to approve the Consent Agenda as follows:  Motion Carried 5/0.   

1.      Approve Minutes of the February 22, 2010 Regular Council Meeting

2.      Approve Minutes of the February 22, 2010 Council Work Session

3.      Approve Minutes of the February 3, 2010 Park Board Meeting

4.      Approve Minutes of the February 3, 2010 Planning Commission Meeting

5.      Approve the Claims for March 2010

6.      Approve the Check Summary for the Month of February 2010.

7.      Approve the Gambling Report for the Month Ending January 2010

8.      Approve the Building Permit Report for the Month of February 2010

9.      Approve the Fire Department Report for the Month ending February 2010



Fire Chief Rod Maetzold appeared before the Council to discuss the replacement of the City’s 1987 Rescue truck.  It has been on the Capital Improvement plan for replacement.  He indicated that it is not the safest vehicle on the road, being top heavy and swaying when fully loaded.  He has been keeping his eye on something used to replace it.  He has found a 1999 Spartan in Iowa City which is bigger and heavy duty.  It would hold 10 firefighters and has much more storage than the current rescue.  The truck has 42,000 miles and could be purchased for $70,000.  A similar new vehicle would cost approximately $400,000.  Iowa City is currently having a new vehicle built and their present vehicle would not be available until July.  This truck would come with additional equipment such as a light tower, rescue tools, generator and air cascade system.  All the equipment from our current rescue would be transferred and reused and that the old truck could then be sold to help offset the cost.  Currently there are enough funds in the Truck Replacement Fund to cover the purchase.  He would like authority to have a small group of firefighters, including a mechanic, travel for an inspection.  The Council viewed pictures of the vehicle.  Chief Maetzold feels that this truck could serve the City for another 20 years.  Without seeing the vehicle in person, it was felt that the only additional costs to get this truck in service would be re-lettering.  After some discussion a MOTION was made by Council Member Taylor and seconded by Stieve-McPadden to approve the travel and authorize the purchase pending mechanics inspection.  Motion Carried 5/0



  1. ABDO EICK & MEYERS Steve McDonald, Presentation of 2009 Audit   The City’s Auditor Steve McDonald appeared before the Council to present the 2009 Audit.  He reviewed the Management Letter with the Council.  He thanked the City Staff for having prepared documents ahead and being ready for the audit.  McDonald indicated that the City had a very good audit.  The General Fund has a generous balance and that the City of Mayer’s comparables are better that average when compared with similar peer group cities.  A MOTION was then made by Council Member Stieve-McPadden and seconded by Council Member Taylor to approve the 2009 Audit as presented and to send a copy to the State and mandated.  Motion Carried 5/0
  2. Approval of Compost Job Posting and Authorization to Advertise – The current employee has submitted his resignation for the compost site.  The Council reviewed the job description which was modified and discussed the beginning salary.  It was decided to advertise for part time mowing position at the same time.   A MOTION was made by Council Member Osborn and seconded by Council Member Dodge authorizing the posting of the part time seasonal position for the compost site and the part time seasonal position for mowing at a beginning salary of $10.50 per hour.  Motion Carried 5/0
  3. Approval of the Joint Powers Agreement for Seal Coating – The City Council had previously indicated that they would participate in a County wide Seal Coating Joint Powers Agreement to save funds.  After review of the Joint Powers Agreement, a MOTION was made by Council Member Taylor and seconded by Council Member Dodge approving the 2010 Traffic Marking, Street Sweeping, Crack Sealing, Screening and Sealcoating Joint Powers Agreement with the Cities of Chanhassen, Mayer, Cologne, Waconia and Victoria.  Motion Carried 5/0
  4. Discussion on Old Creamery, Brian Macki – Brian Macki of Norwood Young America appeared before the Council.  He would like to purchase the Old Creamery site to operate his Taxi Cab service.  Hi indicated that he would eventually have 5 full time dispatch operators that would work out of the building.  Although he has never toured the building he thinks it would be a good fit for his business.  The City informed him that they do not have possession of the property yet from the tax forfeiture process.  If they would sell the property to him, it would have to go back to the state and they would have to charge the full taxable assessed value as well as the City’s special assessment that is against the property.  The Council decided that they need to have a work session on the future of the property.
  5. Request of Specialty Reptiles – Request withdrawn.
  6. Administrator Vacation Request – A MOTION was made by Council Member Stieve-McPadden and seconded by Council Member Dodge authorizing the Administrator’s vacation request for March 30 – April 5, 2010.  Motion Carried 5/0





After returning from a break to begin the closed session, it was decided to table the Administrator’s review until the next Council meeting.  The Council was asked to take the review survey home, fill it out and bring it back to the next meeting.



There being no further business, a MOTION was made by Council Member Osborn and seconded by Council Member Taylor to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 p.m.  Motion Carried 5/0





                                                                                                Chris Capaul, Mayor


Attest: ______________________________

            Lois A. Maetzold, City Clerk