Council Work Session 03/22/10



Workshop called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Mayor Chris Capaul


PRESENT: Mayor Capaul, Council Members Taylor, Dodge, Stieve-McPadden and Osborn


STAFF:  Administrator Murphy, City Engineer David Martini, Public Works Jeff Frost and Clerk Maetzold

ALSO PRESENT: Don Wachholz, Nikki Larson, Ivan Raconteur and Shannon Sweeney


1.      SMALL CITIES PROJECT – Shannon Sweeney from David Drown Associates has been working with the City to help administer the Small Cities Grant.  Mayer Lumber would like to apply for the Small Cities Grant to reside their warehouse that sits on the Dakota Rail corridor.  Before too much work is put into researching the legalities of applying for the grant, he asked the Council what plans they see for the future of the corridor.  They agreed that the City has no plans for the corridor but that they approve the concept of pursuing the Small Cities Grant for this warehouse.  They were all in agreement for helping acquire improvements to City properties.


2.      PHASE II ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT 113 5TH ST NW – Now that the City has been deeded the tax forfeiture property at 113 5th St NW, and that spring is here, the City can proceed with the Phase II Environmental Assessment for the property.  Administrator Murphy reviewed the three quotes received last fall.  She will contact the firms to make sure the quotes have held to date and that all have quoted the same services and bring back to the next Council meeting.  It was also reported that Sentence to Serve has agreed to provide manpower for the clean up of the property.  Staff has contacted several private companies and the County which will help with the disposition of much of the miscellaneous debris and hazardous waste.  Waste Management will be contacted to help with disposal.


3.      RENT FOR FIBER OPTIC BUILDING – The County has indicated that the City water tower site is too far away for the fiber optic building to be located.  They would like the City to consider allowing them to place it at the northeast corner of the property 113 5th St NW.  The County will not consider paying rent to the City.  The Council discussed what would happen if the City does not use the property for a public purpose and the city goes back to private ownership.  The Council decided they did not want the fiber optic building located on this property.


4.      FLOODING – Council Member Dodge requested information about the recent flooding in the area.  There were no issues within the City of Mayer; however several township roads are closed due to the flooding.  It was mentioned that the drainage improvements associated with the 2007 east side project have eliminated flooding issues that have occurred in the past.


5.      COPIER AND COMPUTER PURCHASE – Staff has received quotes for a new copier and computers for the office.  Some of the city computers are over seven years old.  Administrator Murphy asked whether she should pursue these purchases now or wait until the 2011 budget discussions.  2010 does have $5,000 for capital computer purchases.  She will do more investigation and will contact the City’s computer tech for more information.


6.      EASEMENT WATER ISSUES – Council Member Taylor reported there is a blocked drain tile in his and his neighbor’s back yard.  This tile was part of a drainage system that drained Crest Court.  That water has since been taken care of with the 2007 East Side project.  The Council questioned whether it is a City issue or a personal drainage issue.  Staff asked whether the City Engineer should further investigate the issue.  It was decided to have Public Works try to open the tile with a pressure washer.  The matter will be revisited at a future Council meeting.


7.      CITY ADMINISTRATOR REVIEW - The meeting was closed at 8:30 p.m. to conduct the City Administrator Review.



There being no further business, the work session ended at 9:15 p.m.                                                




Chris Capaul, Mayor



Attest: ______________________________

            Lois A. Maetzold, City Clerk