Council Work Session 02/22/10



Workshop called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Acting Mayor Myron Taylor


PRESENT: Council Members Taylor, Dodge, Stieve-McPadden and Osborn

ABSENT: Mayor Capaul

STAFF:  Administrator Murphy, City Engineer David Martini, Public Works Jeff Frost and Clerk Maetzold

ALSO PRESENT: Don Wachholz, Nikki Larson, Ivan Raconteur, Kay Janisch and Russ Leistiko.


1.      R.W.FARMS – Russ Leistiko and Kay Janisch from R. W. Farms appeared before the Council to discuss the future use of the compost site.  R. W. Farms has operated the compost facility under a partnership with the City of Mayer and Carver County since 2008 and have a lease agreement to use the site until 2017.  In 2009 there were odor issues due to food waste collection which since has been stopped.  The amount of compost hauled into the site was questioned under the lease agreement.  R. W. Farms have spent approximately $80,000 in site improvements and would like to continue to bring in compost.  The City will not put up with further complaints about odor.  R. W. Farms will meet with the Public Works Committee to define how much compost will be allowed to be brought in.


2.      FIBER OPTIC BUILDING – In connection with the County’s fiber optic ring being installed throughout the County, it has been proposed to locate one of three fiber huts in the City of Mayer.  The building would be approximately 16’ X 22’.  Potential City property locations were reviewed. The Council reviewed the proposed sites as not suitable.  It was suggested that the water tower site would be another possibility.  Administrator Murphy will contact the County to see if that site would be feasible and report back at the next Council meeting.


3.      ELECTRONICS RECYLING – The past two years, Carver County has received a grant to be able to offer free electronics recycling to County residents.  This year the County will be charging $5.00 for TV’s and computer monitors.  The Council discussed collecting electronics during the week of our first annual curbside spring cleanup.  Extended hours at the City Offices would allow residents to dispose of their TV’s and computer monitors for a cost.  Further discussion included adding a little more to the $5.00 County fee to cover the City’s cost of disposal.


4.      CITY ADMINISTRATOR REVIEW – Postponed due to the Mayor’s absence.


5.      MNDNR LOCAL TRAILS CONNECTIONS GRANT – Staff has been working on the MnDNR Local Trails Connections grant for a trail connection from Fieldstone Parkway to 5th St. NE.  The City Engineer has compiled estimated costs to be $163,000 of which the City must match 50%  He explained that there are issues with placement and easements in the 62nd Street to 5th St NE section.  The residents will be contacted about the easements and staff will report back to the Council by March 8th.


6.      OTHER ISSUES – Ken Bahr will not be returning as compost monitor in 2010.  The City will advertise for a replacement.



There being no further business, the work session ended at 8:00 p.m.                                                




Myron Taylor, Acting Mayor



Attest: ______________________________

            Lois A. Maetzold, City Clerk