Water Main Flushing
City water mains are flushed semi-annually in the spring and the fall. Flushing is done to remove mineral deposits that have accumulated in the water pipes. Some areas may be flushed more frequently to maintain fresh, clear water. 

Households may experience rusty water, discoloration, or other problems during flushing. If you do experience discoloration or rusty water, running the cold-water tap until the water clears will clean out your system. 

Winter Hydrant Access
During winter months, we ask that you please keep the fire hydrant in your neighborhood clear of snow. By keeping a four-foot space around the hydrant, firefighters will have easy access to your neighborhood hydrant in the case of a fire. The time saved could be just the time needed to save a home or a life. 

For additional information on hydrants and water mains, contact the Public Works Department at 952-657-1502.