Mayer Community for a Lifetime Commission

What is a Community for a Lifetime?  It is a community for all.  To be friendly to seniors and to be friendly and welcoming to all. 

In a Community for a Lifetime, people are valued and respected, can stay active, have opportunities for connection and involvement, have a place to call home, fee safe and cared for, can get around and can get what they need. 

According to the Metropolitan Council the number of seniors in Carver County will more than double in the next twenty years.  The Senior Commission is working with elected officials, city planners and residents to help prepare for the growth and to help Carver County communities become communities for a lifetime. 


For more information about the program you can contact the City of Mayer at 952-657-1502.


Meetings are held quarterly on the first Monday of the quarter at City Hall at 10:00 a.m.

All are welcome!


See what the Commission has been up to: